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Pay Per Click Advertising

Search Intent Tartgeting

  • Pay Per Click Campaign Management
  • Reduce CPC / ROI
  • High Quality Targeted Traffic
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Google Analytic Setup

Display Advertising

Audience Targeting

  • Display Campaign Audit
  • Targeted Audience Research
  • Adudience Retargeting
  • Geo Targeted Traffic
  • Banner Ad Optimization
  • Google Analytic Setup

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Users Targeting

  • Mobile Website Developement
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Mobile eCommerce
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Geo Target Mobile Audience
  • Google Analytic Setup

Big Data. Clear Communication. Concrete Results.

These three terms describe what AimVenture’s experienced professionals deliver every time. When it comes to internet marketing, we have three core areas where we help your business:.

  • PPC/Paid Search Advertising.
  • Digital Display Advertising
  • Mobile Device Marketing

  • When it comes to internet marketing, the more data you have available, the better. “Big data” refers to the terabytes of data available to businesses in the digital age. But, even though large amounts of data are available, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed, stressed, or afraid. Our clients are most impressed with our ability to clearly communicate what the data says about the success of their internet marketing campaign. We help busy companies like you, who don’t have the time to organize and synthesize big data, understand exactly what that data and then make meaningful business decisions as a result.

    Experience That Positions You for Success

    Our knowledgeable professionals have been in the digital paid advertising industry for years. While the industry is relatively young compared to others, those extra years of experience differentiate the results we deliver from that of the competition.
    You can work with other companies performing similar services, but we are one of few companies who require an established commitment to online advertising. When we understand you have a substantial monthly budget devoted to paid search services, we know you will have ample amounts of data for us to review and provide you guidance from, and we also know you have a vested interest in succeeding with your online campaign.

    Increase Efficiency & Overall Campaign Performance

    When you call us for your FREE 30-minute online strategy session, we help you identify several areas where you campaign’s performance can be improved. What you will eventually realize is that having a firm specially dedicated to the success of your campaign yields the most effective results. We use a number of proprietary systems, such as our cookie-based display advertising methodology, to help you achieve optimal results for your campaign.
    In the era of big data, it’s incredibly difficult to succeed in any aspect of digital marketing unless you have all the right people and systems in place. You can hire individuals to perform the service in-house, but AimVenture offers very competitive pricing. And, when you work with us, you know you will see improved results from your advertising campaigns.
    To improve the performance of your PPC, display advertising, or mobile marketing campaigns, contact AimVenture now for a FREE 30-minute consultation.


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I’ve had a very pleasant user experience during my time with AimVenture. From the start, they were flexible offering me a 2-month agreement. Other companies I called had a 4-6 month requirement, which was hard for me to afford as a startup company. A...