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Your PPC Performance Audit check will recommend short and long term goals, so you can capture any quick wins while the long term plans get rolling. Over 95% of our Performance Audit immediately identify areas of weakness or opportunity that can be corrected quickly, improving return on investment (ROI) through cost savings alone. Your written report will cover:

keywords performance

Keyword Performance

  • Researching keywords and reviewing their performance is crucial for PPC success. Once you know which keywords are working well – and which aren’t – you can adjust your spend to ensure that your advertising only appears before your relevant target audience.

Impression share

  • Are you reaching the right audience? Or are you failing to advertise against relevant keywords? We’ll assess your campaigns’ impression share to make sure you’re not missing out on potential traffic. We’ll also investigate your competitors, so you know what they are doing, and when.

Keyword Match Types and Quality Score

  • Keywords are the net you cast to capture traffic. Cast your net too wide and you’ll capture irrelevant or undesirable traffic, costing you money. Poor targeting also reduces your quality scores, which means Google will charge you more for each click you receive. By testing and refining your campaing, we’ll help you find the keywords that are right for you.

Ad Text and Click-Through Rates

  • Ad variations should be continuously tested to measure response rates. With only 70 characters available in the body of a text ad, you need to create a concise, attractive message for your target audience. We can help you create compelling ad text. Often, it’s a simple change that generates the most significant result.

Location Targeting

  • Different countries, regions, or cities will respond to your ads in different ways. Some regions may be much more profitable than others. Once you know which countries, regions, or towns and cities drive the most profitable traffic, we’ll help you adjust your bidding strategy and increase your return on investment.

Ad scheduling

  • In AdWords or Analytics it is possible to see daily (or hourly) costs and conversion rates. It is important to use these data to customise your bidding strategy for each of your campaigns. You should also consider your business hours – when are staff available to deal with inquiries as a result of your advertising?

Your free PPC Performance Audit will contain detailed recommendations. You can either take the suggestions and make your own changes, or hopefully realise the added value that AimVenture’s team of PPC experts can offer, and discuss a brighter digital future with us.

Why Should You Choose AimVenture?

We are passionate about PPC and have been for over 15 years. During that time, we have completed countless Performance Audit. And we have worked with household names in the retail, travel, professional services, dealerships, healthcare, political and mobile gaming sectors. Recently, PPC management has become increasingly complex, but get it right and you still can reap rewards. Our PPC team has revitalised many accounts: we turn poor performers into first class campaigns. A free PPC Performance Audit are worth at least $1,500 of savings on wasteful spend. Once your report is complete, we are happy to discuss your account, the issues that exist, possible solutions, and opportunities for gaining maximum advantage over your competitors. To make your PPC account shine, get in contact below:

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