Display Advertising

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What is Display Advertising Anyway?

When most people think of online ads, their minds are drawn to the ads running down the right hand side of your search results page. But what about those colorful banners and product ads that seem to pop up in the middle of an article on your favorite blog or news source? Those eye-catching images with the alluring copy are actually called Display Advertising.
Images can be a powerful tool for advertisers. Combined with a call to action, a direct path to conversion, and specific targeting, Display Advertising can quickly become your most profitable advertising initiative.

What you probably don’t know…

Display Media Advertising is more than pretty pictures, catchy copy, and yes, pop-up ads. We manage our Display Advertising campaigns with just as many tightly managed metrics as their PPC counterparts. It’s important to recognize that Display Advertising is an influential, highly measurable, and often underutilized, direct response medium.
While Display has inherent brand building benefits, our primary success metrics lay within client conversions –sales, leads, registrations, downloads, etc.

What’s Display Advertising all about?

Having implemented wide-reaching campaigns across many verticals, we understand the complicated and fragmented display marketplace. We have cultivated deep-rooted relationships with top-tier publishers and networks, which reflect our negotiating power in representing multiple advertisers.
Our in-house design and editing team specializes in multi-media, direct-response advertisements. Using in-house ad serving technology to serve the most effective messaging and creative for your audience, our Account Managers analyze daily data, making adjustments in real-time to maximize conversion opportunity and profitability.

Data is the Foundation of All of Our Decisions

From developing strategies that are focused on our client’s objectives, to providing insights that reveal solutions to our clients’ various business challenges, data is at the core of AimVenture’s Performance Display Advertising services.

Gone are the days of marketing dollars not being defensible. Merchant and Politician John Wanamaker once said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” And Wanamaker, some claim, was the father of modern advertising.

More importantly, it’s clear that he was not a client of AimVenture.

Extensive Experience to
Help You Meet Your Goals

Our expert team of display advertising and digital marketing professionals has extensive experience in the space, and will manage all aspects of your paid media campaigns.

At AimVenture, we emphasize integrated, big-picture planning in order to reach consumers at multiple digital touch points, focusing on the consumer’s path to conversion. Our goal is always to meet and to exceed our clients’ objectives, whether the focus is on ROI, lead-gen, branding, or a combination of these elements.

Centered on data, AimVenture takes a multi-dimensional approach to focus on performance based display/media strategies for achieving our clients’ marketing goals. We consider all digital touch-points within display development, walking in the shoes of the online consumer’s purchase-decision path.

Display has the power to balance the re-targeting and prospecting that’s needed to grow your business in an efficient manner, and AimVenture is here to help.

An Array of Display Services
to Create the Perfect Digital Ad Mix

At AimVenture, we approach each new client engagement with a customized, phased approach that is 100% unique to your goals.

AimVenture is at the forefront of all new opportunities in the digital landscape, including programmatic buying, dynamic creative, cross-channel targeting and distribution (display, mobile, tablet and connected TV), attribution modeling, search/landing page re-targeting, and social media.

We will help you to not only reach your objectives, but also to develop display performance standards and benchmarks (if requested), working as your true marketing partner.

AimVenture provides in-house media planning and buying, constant real-time optimizations/account management, cross-media channel integration, and robust analytics.

Core Performance Display Services

Media Strategy

We employ unique strategies to reach your consumers efficiently and at scale, across desktop, mobile web, and video.

Media Planning & Buying

We will connect with your target audience agnostically, through a media arsenal of top platforms, technology providers, and targeting tactics.

Campaign Optimization

We are constantly refining your campaign strategy, and execute a test-and-learn approach to analyze data and to make proper adjustments, all while seeking pockets of growth in the market.

Reporting & Insights

We utilize information learned from your campaign to enhance performance, to inform buying decisions, and to apply cross-channel impact.

Areas of Expertise

Programmatic/Real-Time Bidding Display

AimVenture manages all aspects of display. We use research, insights, head-to-head testing, historical performance, and technology capabilities to determine the right Demand-Side-Platform (DSP) on which to run your media. AimVenture prospects and re-targets consumers with real-time dynamic rates to reach them at scale in the most efficient manner possible. We also work with cross-channel DSPs to optimize in real-time, based on consumer data across all screens.

Site Direct and Network Display

We manage all aspects of network, portal, and site direct buying for a well-balanced plan with quality inventory. And we target by content, category, demographics, look-a-likes, re-targeting, and behaviors.

Mobile, Tablet, and Connected TV

AimVenture allows you to reach consumers on the go, at multiple touch points and cross-screens, for a more fluid story that has greater impact. The mobile landscape is surpassing PC in terms of time spent and AimVenture is there, building a deeper relationship with your consumers. We offer mobile strategy, planning, buying (directly and programmatic), targeting, reporting and analytics.


AimVenture helps transform traditional video spots to be suitable for the digital world, in order to reach the next generation of TV advertising. We make sure your video is visible, brand-safe, interactive, and directly in front of the right consumer at the right time to guarantee you an efficient rate.
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