In Depth Analysis

Marketplace analysis should always start with your online audience and involves review of these 4 main areas, asking these questions and analyzing the dynamics of the interactions between:

1. Potential online audience – “What are their profile, characteristics, behaviours, needs and wants of audiences from digital media platforms?
2. Customers – A similar analysis to potential audience, but also gaining feedback on their views of your current online presence. Defining personas is an essential technique here.
3. Competitors – Benchmarking the capabilities of direct competitors for your services and indirect competitors for traffic or review of other sites for “out-of-sector” best practice.
4. Online intermediaries, influencers and partners – Establishing the strengths and weaknesses of intermediaries who can included current or potential partners to reach and influence your audience. These include different types of publishers from general online news to more specific blogs and affiliates. Intermediaries also include social networks and communities