Our Team

We are a team of experienced business executives possessing successful backgrounds in new business development, sales, marketing, digital analytic, data analysis, business automation, customer retention, and ongoing customer relationships.

We understand the most common challenge preventing business from successfully marketing their products and services to their target markets is the number of sources they’re acquiring the service from. This leads to difficulties effectively communicating your targeted message in a consistent manner across all aspects of your business.

The best method for addressing this challenge lies in consolidating all of your marketing services with one agency. At AimVenture, you not only consolidate all services with one agency, but you also receive service from a team of experienced professionals with a proven track record in internet marketing. In addition, we have a number of years working with one another, so you can count on a level of success difficult to find anywhere else.

Our philosophy lies in providing you with real business results in all aspects of your internet marketing campaign. Our customer service is exceptional, and we have specialized professionals, such as copywriters and search engine optimization experts, who have mastered their marketing niche and help you deliver the results you want. We will do everything in our power to ensure you achieve the greatest return on your marketing investment.

Combined, our professionals have more than 150 years of experience in:

  • Designing websites
  • Creating web systems
  • Online branding
  • Digital Advertising
  • Digital Analytics
  • Orchestrating internet marketing campaigns

We’ve worked in countless industries, including technology, personal fitness, entertainment, natural health, non-profit, green technology, travel, social media, fashion, digital publishing, and many more.

Andy Huang

VP of Business Development

Andy Huang speadheads client relations and business development at Aimventure. Andy has over 20 years of marketing experience that can help tailor the right strategies for your business

Phone: 909-538-8328 x 168

Simon Leung

Co Founder

Former Google AdWords Agency Team founding member, Simon is an award-winning Internet entrepreneur, International Keynote Speaker, Internet Marketing trainer, author, consultant, coach & mentor. Simon now focus on speaking international on best internet marketing practice to students and clients


David DiNucci

Client Relation Director

A 7 year Google vetern, At Google, DiNucci was one of the first employees to work on Google AdWords, where he was the founding member of the AdWords phone team and the national agency team. David is the go to person in managing client project at Aimventure


Carol Yang

Strategic Manager & CFO

Carol Yang with experience and background in brand marketing is responsible for brand client strategic planning as well as financial role of AimVenture

Phone: 909-538-8328 x 220

Steven Xiao

Creative Director

Steven has over 15+ years of design experience, from brand requirement to start up, think out of box design are often what fuels our clients campaign with design lead from Steve


Katie Chen

AR Specialist

Katie is our AR/AP specialist. Should there be any vendor/client payment issue, she is the go to person.


Stella Wong

Ad Operation Manager

Stella is our lead AdOp manager, your daily go to person when it comes to campaign operation & execution


Toby Huang

Chief Security Officer

French Bulldog with a heart of a lion is our office security officer. When clients are visiting, Toby will great you with love