Digital Analytics & Behavior Targeting

One Nasdaq listed client came to us with request to  improve their PPC campaign. We initially proposed to evaluate exisitng digital analytics to determine previous KPI as well as objectives for future digital initiatives. Upon discovering existing digital efforts through analytic analysis, we discover the web site flow, and existing objective are repeatative wasting too much campaign budget.

What we did
  • Digital Analytics Evaluation
  • Pay Per Click Campaign Restructure
  • Pay Per Click Campaign Optimization
  • Web Visitor Behavior Analysis
  • Data Display Targeting
  • Personalized Retargeting Ad Messaging

Through the care of our top executives after identifying key waste of budget, we proposed reinvestment of budget saving into audience reach expansion. Through the usage of cookie data, we were able to concentrate majority of ad budget only to target audience that matters to clients end product. The results were 10x the conversion data of their previous KPI, and the allocated budget from saving was 1/10 of past budget giving the end result of 100x performance compare to initial KPI.

Through smart tags, we carefully crafted onsite user behavior to retarget & reengage them with personalized ads that speaks to their process in the sales funnel resulting in 50% higher brand recall of their product.

Clients business revenue sees over 50% growth year over year, and brand recall increase over 600% with only a few short years deploying our strategies which resulted in a hostile acquisition by Bayer in 2014 for $1.1 Billion takeover.