Facebook Sponsorship Turn Engagement and Profit

Facebook now is worlds #2 country by population. With quarter after quarter of user & ad revenue growth, it has become one of the leading platform to generate on demand new customer acqusition. A fashion centric client came to Aimventure wanting to expand their ecommerce reach to more new customers. Traditionally being using channel partners to promote their brand of products, Aimventure executive team crafted a simple, yet powerful lead generation ad strategies to increase new customer for their business.

What we did
  • Digital Analytic (Audience Analysis, Conversion Analysis)
  • Lead Generation Campaign Design & Execution
  • Ad Copywriting
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Revenue Management
  • Email Marketing

Harness the power of social and high resolution product image create powerful ad creatives that capture targeted audience interest. Using giveaway items + Shipping/Handling fee as a lead generation strategy, client quickly build up a very product centric buyer database of paid customers. This enable client to continue on going promotion and email marketing without spending additonal ad cost to acquire them.