Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing all about?

Our Social Media Marketing program is all about finding new ways to integrate Social Media and Search. With the two finding more and more points of overlap, it’s becoming harder to implement one without the other.
Search is in our DNA, and therefore, it’s in our Social Media Marketing.
A Social Media Agency is vital in today’s competitive social world where managing a brand’s online presence with social media is truly a full time job. Success starts with full-service social media insight, strategy, activation, optimization, and measurement services. Our dedicated team of experienced social analysts, strategists and campaign managers use process-driven strategic thinking to create powerful social media marketing programs powered by leading-edge technology.

Social is in Our DNA

Organic reach via social media continues to decline. And because of this, the AimVenture team is here to help our clients capitalize on one of the most rapidly growing spaces in digital marketing: paid social media.

Social media has become a part of every consumer’s day-to-day life. We firmly believe that through paid social, our clients can achieve their goals by connecting with an audience that is making the journey through social, each and every day.

Through expert planning and detailed execution, AimVenture can help you achieve your business goals with paid social media.

Social and Search:

More Closely Connected Than Ever

The story is simple. Before people are ready to begin searching online to buy something, they typically discover products and services through a variety of different channels, many of which are social.

A 2014 study by Kenshoo found that running Facebook ads alongside paid search significantly increased performance, with an average 19% uptick in total conversions among the people who saw both Facebook advertising and paid search ads, compared with those who only saw paid search advertising. Further research showed that among people who saw the Facebook ads in addition to the paid search ads, there was also a 10% average decrease in cost per acquisition, due to the increased conversions.

At AimVenture, we believe that targeted social media campaigns work best when they’re executed in conjunction with other digital marketing efforts including paid search, to drive tangible results.

Our Commitment Means That Your Social Campaigns Yield Returns

AimVenture is committed to ensuring that our clients not only have a social presence, but also one that yields returns.

Social media is one of the fastest growing channels in digital marketing – that much is obvious. And as social media outlets continue to expand their advertising capabilities, it is more important than ever to stay ahead of the curve.

At AimVenture, we license only the top industry tools to enhance social media management for our clients. Through management platforms such as Kenshoo and Marin Software, we are able to reduce time spent on campaign creation, while increasing time spent on what matters: creating positive results.

We will manage every aspect of your campaign through planning, execution, optimization and reporting.

A Variety of Tools and
Partners to Get the Best Results

Technology agnostic, we work with a handful of partners to help power client success. Based on our expertise and client goals, we determine the most appropriate platform required to achieve optimal performance.

At AimVenture, we work directly with the social networks through native tools, which gives us access to the latest updates and releases that support our clients’ advertising efforts. We also utilize additional third-party vendors when needed, to help our clients achieve their business goals.

While other agencies are tied to a few specific tools, limiting their ability to create something unique for their clients, AimVenture selects from a wide variety of tools and partners, to ensure that our clients get the best results, every time.

Core Paid Social Services

Social Audit

Our paid social experts will evaluate your current campaigns and identify areas of improvement. Our audits will not only examine areas that can be improved, but will also uncover areas of opportunity for campaign growth.

Multi Channel Management and Strategy

Whether you are interested in exposure, acquisition, app downloads or sales, AimVenture will custom-tailor a strategy for you. Through our social media management tools, we will aggregate all of your efforts in one location. Because of this method, we are able to quickly allocate your marketing dollars efficiently and effectively to whatever channel(s) are performing the best.

Social Listening

We leverage social listening to monitor how your paid social media efforts are resonating with your target audience and beyond. We use real-time insights to help adjust plans that are currently in market, and use those same insights to dictate future strategy. We can unpack your organic social media to see which posts might benefit from paid promotion, based on what’s trending in the space.

Areas of Expertise


AimVenture has access to all of Facebook’s advertising units though both in-house and third party partnerships. We offer video ads, mobile app install and reengagement ads, reach and frequency buys, multi product ads, and more.


AimVenture leverages Twitter to drive success for our clients, whether they have branding, engagement or direct response goals.


AimVenture was an early adopter to the Pinterest self-service Promoted Pins platform, and continue to use to the tool to drive success for our client
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