Pay Per Click Boost Revenue Result by 3,400%

One of the major differentiation that sets Aimventure apart from our competition is that not only we know PPC, our team have years of experience in retail marketing. In 2009, when the transformation of traditional antenna are going to be replaced with digital antenna, our ecommerce client came to us on helping plan and execute to capture this opportunity.

With the US government subsdizing 2 mail in rebate credit per house hold, it was an 8 million household opportunity in the market place.

Our services on this project included
  • Product reseach and sourcing
  • Mail in rebate application & approval
  • Pay Per Click campaign planning & execution
  • Inventory management
  • Conversion analytics & optimization

8 short months into the campaign, we had spend a total of less than $25,000 through Google & Bing Search with a gross revenue of over $890,000. The government have subsdized $80 per household allowing maxinum profit margin with almost $0 cost of goods. This is one example of our level of services going beyond just your normal search agency, we invest our resources heavily with our customers to ensure maxinum revenue & success will be generated.